Salon Services

Facial Extras

Add Extras to your Facial

Eye Treatment $ 5.00
Leg Compression $ 5.00
Foot Massage $15.00
Paraffin Hand Dip $10.00
Paraffin Foot Dip $10.00
Paraffin Hand/Foot Dip/Massage $30.00


Mini Perfect before an event. No steam, extractions or massage to eliminate breakouts,this relaxing treatment includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, pH Compress, Moisturizers, Mask and Hot Mitts. $50.00
Facials Below Include: Cleansing, Steam, Exfoliation, Massage, Toning, Extractions, High Frequency, Mask, Moisturizers and a Hand Treatment.
Basic Facial More than basic! Deep cleansing, Enzyme Peel to lift dead skin cells, extractions, Mask & moisturizers. With hot mitts.


Basic Facial with Microdermabrasion Two-in-one. A complete facial with microdermabrasion; a fabulous high-power system guaranteed for ultra hydration & rejuvenation. Removes dull appearance, brightens & tightens. Paraffin hand dip.$145.00 Teen: $125.00
Acne Facial with Glycolic Peel A thorough deep pore-cleansing facial with a Glycolic Peel to remove dead skin buildup that helps to heal, nourish and purify the skin restoring it’s natural pH balance. Comes with Hot Mitts. $95.00 Teen: $70.00
Glycolic Facial Great for all skin types. This Anti-Aging facial with Glycolic Peel speeds cell renewal & s moisture retention. It Lightens, Brightens & Tightens the complexion. With a Paraffin Hand Dip. $95.00
Collagen Hydrating Facial Great before an event or vacation, This Anti-Aging facial is formulated to deliver maximum hydration & conditioning for dry and/or mature skin. Includes a Paraffin Hand Dip. $95.00 with Glycolic Peel: $115.00
Basic Back Facial Great before an event. Deep pore cleansing facial with enzyme peel to lift dead skin cells, extractions, mask & moisturizers. $75.00 with Glycolic Peel: $95.00



Adult MicrodermabrasionCombats signs of aging, exfoliates, helps evens out the skin texture and reduces redness. Brightens face. Paraffin Hand Dip.


Décolleté $30.00
Hands $30.00
Stomach $30.00
Teen Microdermabrasion Helps teens with acne by exfoliating and evening out the skins texture. Helps reduce redness & speeds up healing time.



Glycolic Peel

Glycolic Acid is a resurfacing agent that helps lighten, brighten and tighten the skin by exfoliating dead skin buildup. Speeds up cell turnover and builds elastin and collagen. Paraffin Hand Dip. $50.00

The Eyes Have It

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. The first and foremost necessity is the proper shaping and care of the eyebrows. Karen Kubeck offers the most experienced and artistic solutions to this vital beauty basic.Take advantage of “Brow Plus Packages” which incorporate face-waxing procedures during the same session for significant savings.
Brow $25.00
Brow Plus Packages
Lip, Chin, Nose, or Brow Tint $10.00
Brow Plus 1: Lip, Chin, Nose or Brow Tint $33.00
Brow Plus 2: Lip, Chin, Nose or Brow Tint $42.00
Brow Plus 3: Lip, Chin, Nose or Brow Tint $51.00
Brow Plus 4: Lip, Chin, Nose or Brow Tint $60.00

Waxing for Women

Sides of Face or Underarms $20.00
Hands or Feet $ 5.00
Stomach or Lower Back $10.00
Standard Bikini $25.00
Full Leg $55.00
Full Leg & Bikini $75.00
Half Leg $35.00
Half Leg & Bikini $55.00
Half Arm $30.00
Full Arm $40.00

Waxing for Men

Ears $20.00
Back (includes Shoulders) $50.00
Shoulders $20.00
Full Arms $40.00

Paraffin Dips

Some Facials and Treatments include a Paraffin Hand Dip

Paraffin Hand Dip $10.00
Paraffin Foot Dip $10.00
Paraffin Hand/Foot Dip/Massage $30.00

Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Polish All-in-one body treatment. Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning, Hydrating, with Essential Oils to stimulate and circulation. With this treatment your skin will feel clean, silky soft & invigorated. $80.00

Hollywood Makeup

In Salon Only

Female Application $ 75.00
Male Application $ 50.00
Teen Application $ 65.00
Lesson & Chart (2 hours) $130.00

Prices vary for: Travel, Film, Television, Weddings, Photo Shoots, Special Occasions.


“The Revolution” ABC daytime TV show.

Guest Makeup Artist Revolution

Karen was a Guest Makeup nitric oxide Artist on ABC’s daytime TV regulations show “The combivent Revolution


Karen makes Troy Ruptash sweaty in “First Embarrassing Moment” from the Web Series, “Firsts”.

Karen makes Troy Ruptash sweaty in “First Embarrassing Moment” from

the Web Series, “Firsts”.2.KarenSprayingTroy

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Karen is Dr. Ava Shamban's personal makeup artist

Karen is Dr. Ava Shamban’s personal compare staxyn to makeup artist. Below Karen worked on “Ask Ava,” “Extreme Makeover 2003, 2004,

2005″, “New Beauty at Fred Segal”. She also worked on Dr. Shamban’s makeup for appearances on “The cy Doctors,” “Ex Wives cy Club,” therapeutic dose”Good Morning America,” “Good Day L.A.,” “E News,” , and several other name television shows.(please see Credits) 3.Ava_Shamban

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Monique's Wedding Day

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5.John Stamos

Karen was department head on ABC's “Full House.”

Karen was department head for 26

shows on ABC’s “Full House”. Here she turns John Stamos into Elvis Presley for the episode, “Mad Money”. 5.John Stamos

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Karen was part of the mermaid crew in the movie “Splash” and developed Daryl Hannah's underwater body makeup.

Karen is part of the mermaid crew and helped buildthe tails in the movie “Splash”.

Karen also developed a special bronze and gold makeup powder that would adhere under water. 6.DarylHannah_Splash my domain concacts

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Eyebrows and makeup

Karey’s eyebrows

perth – Before 7.Karey_eyebrows_makeup_BA



Makeup for

Taylor Dahl’s head shots 8.TaylorDahl-HS


Web Series “Firsts” character makeup

On the left below,

Whitney Dylan plays a inthe Webisode “First Threesome” from the Web mifepristone Series, “Firsts,” for anxiety then on the right reveals that she really isn’t a . 9.-WhitneyDylan-BA