“Overstock Flooring”, Dynamic Films Advertizing

“Warrior Mist”, Turn Key Direct Response w/Studio 637

“Share the Road”, PSA for Santa Monica PD, City TV, Women in Film

“A Fresh Start”, PSA for the Mary Magdalene Project, Women in Film

“Step Up”, PSA for VIP, Crocs, 10th St. Preschool, Urban Legends Film Co.

“Zeppelin Clothing”, Billing Productions
“Ugina Bathing Suits”, Billings Productions for MTV
“World Vision”, Valley Production Center
“Weatherking Air Conditioning”, Valley Prod. Center
“Haines Isotoner Panty Hose”, Dream Quest Prod.
“Saber Dead Bolt”, Telemedia Productions
“Jerky Treats”, Praxis Film Works
“United Airlines”, The Little Co.
“Burlington Panty Hose”, Schofield & Assoc.
“Pepsi-Cola New Generation I.D. Card”, BBD & O Ad. Firm
“Proposition 36″, Vik-Winkle Productions
“Jensen Stereo”, Picture Music International
“Value, E.A.S.N.Y.”, McCraig Prod.
“Chauvin”, Azness Productions
“Winter Wagner North East Utilities”, McCraig Prod.
“Hoosier’s For Economic Develop. Comm.”, McCraig Prod.
“Pete Ellis Dodge”, Robert/Barton Productions
“Golf Toning”, Zahn Prod. (German hair commercial)
“U.S. Comm. For Energy Awareness”, McCraig Prod.
“Dentagard”, Zahn Prod. (German toothpaste commercial)
“Super Mannan”, Lajon Prod.
“Crean For Senate”, Vik-Winkle Productions
“Toyota”, Brillig Productions
“Infogram”, Southeby Prod. (public service announcements)
“Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice”, Brillig Prod.
“Miller’s Outpost – Christmas”, Hub Dist.
“Miller’s Outpost – Back To School”, Hub Dist.
“The Buying Connection”, Mather-Mitchell Prod.
“Boss Hogg For President”, Vic-Winkle Prod.
“Raleigh Hills With Gale Storm:”, Advanced Health Systems
“Gloria Marshall Salons”, Donald D. Lewis Ad., Inc.